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When Christmas time comes around, we all feel the urge to get crafty and create something special for the people who are most important in our lives. When you have children, their school teachers become one of the most important people to you and to your children, because they hold such a prominent place in shaping your child’s world. So making a very special DIY Christmas gift for your child’s teacher is one of the best ways to say how much you appreciate everything they do.

Whether you’ll create the best Christmas gift for your child’s teacher or not is subjective, but here are some excellent ideas for you to start with.


Christmas Gift Ideas For Teachers


Best DIY Christmas gifts for Teachers - vase


Vases and Containers

These can be used for putting fresh cut flowers into, or as a place to gather all the pens, pencils, scissors and such into one easy location on the teacher’s desk. Use a square box to create a holder for small things like paperclips and a tall thin container for flowers or pencil holders.

Start with a simple acrylic box or vase from the dollar store, and glue classroom specific items around the outside. If the gift is for a preschool teacher, for instance, glue crayons around the outside of the box. If the gift is for a grade school teacher, you can use pencils instead. Put the crayons or pencils side by side and in an upright position. Glue them next to each other until the entire box is covered around the sides.


Best DIY Christmas gifts for Teachers - mug rug


Mug Rug

These are wonderful gifts to make when you love to sew and you need something that whips up quickly. A mug rug is smaller than a placemat yet larger than a coaster, and you can create them in all sorts of designs. These are excellent to make when you want to try out new quilt blocks or designs too because you can do them on a small scale and use up lots of scrap fabric.


Best DIY Christmas gifts for Teachers - drink cozy


Drink Cozy

A drink cozy is always a wonderful DIY gift because you can make it very quickly, and you can choose a number of ways to do so. You can sew one by hand or machine for instance, or you can create a knitted or crocheted cozy instead. These are great DIY Christmas gifts for teachers because even if your child’s teacher doesn’t drink coffee, they are likely to drink something warm in a mug during the holiday season.


Best DIY Christmas gifts for Teachers - treats


Homemade Treats

If you know the teacher well enough, you can create homemade cookies, candies or cakes for a nice DIY gift. Knowing them is important for this gift to work well of course, because they may have allergies or health problems. To make this gift extra special, put the treats into a simple mason jar and tie a festive ribbon around the outside.


Best DIY Christmas gifts for Teachers - basket


Supplies Gift Basket

While this may not be completely DIY, it’s sure to please any teacher and it’s an excellent neutral gift to give one that you may not know well. Start with a nice basket that can be reused in the classroom somehow, and fill it with useful items such as pencils, erasers, crayons, paints and similar age-appropriate items for the classroom.


Remember above all, the best DIY Christmas Gifts for teachers are the ones that are made from the heart, and that says a special thank you for all that you do.


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