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The wonderful thing about a wreath is that it can be made from almost anything. All you need is a way to fashion a circlet or a form on which to place decorations. The decorations can be as varied as your imagination.


Here are five ways to make the best DIY Christmas wreaths ever

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  • If you find yourself weeding grapevines out of your trees, flower beds and off the sides of your house, don’t throw them away. You can put them to good use. Coil the green vines into a circle, and hang it up to dry. By Christmas time, they will have hardened into a wreath base the equal of any commercial grapevine wreath from a hobby store – and at a great deal lower cost. Decorate with whatever you have on hand – holiday bows, Christmas cards, a garland of tinsel or jingling bells – the only limit is your imagination.




  • Wire coat hangers make an excellent base for holiday wreaths. Purchase artificial strands of ivy, evergreen, or sparkling tinsel. Bend the body of the coat hanger into a circle, leaving the hook at the top. Wrap the circle formed with the body with the garland. Decorate it with a large bow at the base of the hanger. Add lights, bells, shiny Christmas balls or other seasonal decorations. If you want a special touch, spray it lightly with artificial snow, and sprinkle with glitter while the “snow” is still wet.


  • Braided cloth wreaths look lovely, and will excite many comments. They are not, however, difficult to make. Cut three pieces of fabric six inches wide and thirty-six inches long – or 1/3 longer than the desired diameter of the wreath. Fold each strip of cloth in half, lengthwise, and run a machine stitch down the raw edge, about ¼ inch in from the edge. Turn the resultant tube right side out, and stuff it lightly with polyester fiberfill. Pin one end of the three tubes together, so that you have three lightly stuffed tubes. Braid the tubes together. Add extra stuffing if needed to make the wreath nicely plump. Join the matching ends and stitch them together using an overhand whip stitch. Add a puffy bow to hide the join.


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  • Wire florist forms are a lifesaver when you don’t have any grapevines, scraps or old coat hangers on hand. Purchase a form in the size desired, along with stiff, gauzy ribbon. Weave the ribbon in and out of the florist form, leaving loops of it puffing out from the wreath. Nest shiny decorator bulbs in the puffy gauze ribbon. Tie a big bow of the ribbon to use as a final touch.


  • Emergency child entertainment wreath. Cut a circle of cardboard from a corrugated box. Cut a concentric circle out of the center of it. For young children, give them a catalog or advertising circular that contains pictures of decorations or toys. Ask them to cut out pictures that appeal to them and let them glue them to the wreath.


Wreaths are simple to construct, and they are fun. They can be constructed out of almost anything that can be shaped into a circle and decorated. Your imagination is the only limit.


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