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Every woman knows that trying to buy a great gift for her husband usually seems like the hardest thing in the world. Whether you’re newly married or you’ve known your husband most of your life, gift giving will remain one elusive and frustrating. Thankfully, those of us who are crafty tend to have an upper hand, because we can make custom things that can’t be found in a store or online catalog. Creating a DIY gift is not only fun, but it lets you leverage inside jokes, add personal touches, or just generally showcase your love for him.


Sports Themed Beer Cozies


 DIY Gifts for Husbands - beer cozy


Does your husband love to get together with the guys to watch sports and drink beer? Make up some insulated cozies to go around the beer bottles, and make them extra special by creating a sports theme. You can sew these using fabric that has his favorite team emblem on it, or you can knit or crochet cozies that have his team’s colors. Make a set of rival teams even, so that he and his buddies have even more ways to razz each other on game day!


Barbecue Themed DIY Gifts


Best DIY Gifts for Husbands - Apron


For the guy who loves to barbecue in good weather or bad, you can create an entire theme set of gifts for him. First, sew him up a man-sized cooking apron. Make sure to use heavy duty fabric and create lots of pockets for him to carry his spatula, tongs, and seasoning in. You could even sew in a beer pocket, and choose fabric based on his favorite sports team. Carry on the theme by sewing him a matching BBQ mitt, and one or more hot pads for him to set plates on when the food is done.


Tools Themed DIY Gift Ideas


Best DIY Gifts for Husbands - peg board


If your husband loves to tinker around the house on the weekend doing various home improvement projects, then it’s easy to create some great DIY gifts for him. You could use the sewing machine and some worn out denim jeans or old overalls to create a roll-up tool caddy. You could use a similar material, or leather, to sew together a tool belt or vest as well. If you’re not inclined to sew, make him a peg board organizer to put in the garage or shop so that he can hang everything together in one place when he’s finished.


Everyday Gifts for Husbands


Best DIY Gifts for Husbands - armchair caddy


There are many other simple DIY gifts you can make for your husband that he is bound to adore. Just about every man loves to watch TV, right? So break out the sewing machine and create a custom armchair caddy where he can put his remote controls. You can crochet or knit these if you prefer, and you can even make it sturdy enough to hold a beer or some snack packs for him too.


Another easy project that can either be sewn together, knitted or crocheted is a pair of slippers. Since you’re around your husband all the time, it’ll be easy to sneak a shoe off for measuring, and you can even use some of his old sweatshirts or sweaters as the material. Not only will this project be hand-made with love, but it will have sentimental value as well.


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