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Men can sometimes be a challenge when selecting gifts. Many of the traditional gifts can be expensive or perhaps not really to the taste of the man in question. Here are a few that might please a man on your gift list.


Best Gifts For Men


Best DIY gifts for men - Bi-fold wallet


Bifold Wallet

This is an item used by almost every man and not a few women. It is easy and inexpensive to make. You will need about a quarter yard of heavy duty cloth of a plain color. Fold the cloth in half. Place an old wallet one the fold line to use as a pattern, and mark around it with a piece of dressmaker chalk. Move the wallet, and repeat, so that you have two pieces. Add a ¼ inch seam allowance on the edges to be cut.  Cut an additional piece and a flap to serve as a coin holder, and another piece – just larger than a driver’s license or credit card to use as a pocket to hold such items. Turn both pieces so that the right sides are together. Keep the pieces separate for now and stitch the ends together and turn the pieces right side out. Slip a piece of stencil film inside one of the pieces, and stitch the top closed. Leave the other one in its natural state, and stitch the top of it closed. On this latter piece, attach the coin pocket and flap, using a piece of Velcro to hold it closed. Add the card pocket on the other side. Place the piece with the pockets face up on the stiffened piece, and stitch them together. Fold in the middle, with the pockets inside and you have created a serviceable bifold wallet.


Best DIY gifts for men - BBQ Apron

Flame Retardant BBQ Apron 

For guys who love being the backyard cook, this is a surefire pleaser. You can use flame-retardant vinyl ($8.00-9.00 a yard) or flame-retardant canvas duck ($10.-15.00 a yard) as your fabric. Use a simple kitchen apron pattern, such as Simplicity’s 1940s Vintage pattern, or use an old apron that you might have on hand as the pattern. Add two patch pockets, and you will have created a protective garment that can be used around the barbeque grill or out in the shop. Personalize with his name, a saying or a quip that he will enjoy.


Best DIY gifts for men - Tool Organizer


Tool Organizer 

A tool organizer is a big plus for anyone. Use a strip of denim or canvas about 15 inches wide by 36 inches long. Hem it neatly around the edges, and add two strings on either end so that it can be tied when rolled up. Cut two more strips, each about ten inches wide, and 34 inches long. Hem one edge of each. Press the other edges under to form a seam allowance of about ¼ inch. Place the first strip on the backing cloth, and stitch around the folded edges, leaving the top open. Place the second below the first, so that it overlaps but does not fully cover it. Its bottom edge should be at the bottom of the backing cloth. Stitch around the folded edges of this cloth. As a final touch, make a row of stitches about every 6 – 8 inches to form pockets. Hammers, handheld screwdrivers, wrenches and the like will fit neatly into the pouches. The whole thing can be rolled up and tied between uses.


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