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Here are a few DIY Holiday gifts that are likely to please.


Best DIY Holiday Gift Ideas - pot holder



These can be as simple as several layers of cloth folded and stitched together or as elaborate as coiled cinnamon ropes. Unless the recipient is a wealthy single, cooking is like to occur, and a potholder is useful.

  • Folded cloth potholder: about ¼ yard all-cotton fabric – denim works well. Fold in fourths, stitch around the edges, and you have a serviceable pot holder.
  • Woven pot holder: great project from age 8 to 98+. From a local department or craft store, purchase a small weaving loom and a set of loops. String loops across the loom in one direction. Weave loops in the other direction. Crochet off the edges. One nice pot holder.
  • Cotton Afghan Stitch holder: For this one, you need an afghan hook and medium weight cotton thread. Chain ten, then make ten single chains across, holding them on the hook. Using the Afghan stitch, work these stitches off. Repeat until you have one square.

 Best DIY Holiday Gift Ideas - trivet



Cut one 6-inch square from a pine board. (Hint: a board that is 1 inch by 6 inches can quickly be cut into several trivets. Sketch a design or the recipient’s name on the surface. Use a wood burner to outline the design. Sand, but do not paint with a finish.

 Best DIY Holiday Gift Ideas - pocket curtain


Pocket wall curtains

Use one square yard of fabric for the backing. Fold it in half, wrong sides together. Stitch across the bottom and one side. Turn the fabric. Cut a strip of fabric 5 inches wide by 24 inches long. Fold it in half lengthwise. Stitch along one side. Turn the tube, and cut into four equal lengths. Press flat. Fold these pieces in half, with cut ends together. Tuck in the cut end of the backing to form a hem, and insert the folded pieces – one at each end, and two spaced in the center. These will be the hangers. Stitch across the folded end of the piece twice to form a sturdy seam. Finally, cut three pieces of fabric, eight inches wide by 16 inches long. These can be matching pieces or something that contrasts nicely with the backing. Hem one of the long edges, making a handkerchief hem. Press the other three edges flat, to form a good surface for a seam. Pin to the backing, and stitch around the pressed edges, making sure that the hemmed edge is up. Run two stitches up the piece from bottom to top, to form pockets.


Best DIY Holiday Gift Ideas - sock dolly


Fast Sock dolly

Use three of those odd socks that turn up in every household. Stuff the toe and heel with cotton or fiberfill stuffing. Add some funny ears, felt cut-outs for eyes nose and mouth. Tie a ribbon around the neck, split the top of the sock to form legs. Stuff the body, then stitch up the legs, leaving an opening for stuffing. Stuff and stitch closed. Cut the top off another odd sock, cut in half and use to make two tube arms. Stitch up on two sides, stuff, and stitch to the doll body. Cut the foot off another odd sock, cut arm holes near one end, and slip onto the doll for a quick sheath-style dress.

These simple crafts are easy to make and are great for that last-minute gift.


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