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When you get the urge to create something new, it’s normal to go looking to others for inspiration and ideas. And since most of us crafty types tend to be frugal too – after all we must have more yarn right – the best patterns are often free patterns. But choosing the best free knitting pattern for any given project is a skill in and of itself.


There are literally tens of thousands of free knitting pattern websites online, and each website seems to have thousands upon thousands of patterns listed. Wading through all of these offerings is time-consuming, and can sometimes be an exercise in frustration. To help minimize the loss of time, and hopefully keep you from building up a large pile of frustrating unfinished projects, let’s look at some ways to make the most of what’s out there.


Picking The Best Free Knitting Patterns



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  • Look for reputable sites

If you stick to visiting just the free knitting pattern websites that your friends and fellow knitters recommend, this will help tremendously. Ask other friends that knit and crochet where they like to find free patterns at or join a social networking knitter’s group and you’ll quickly start discovering the best places to frequent. A good free pattern site may even have a rating and review system so that you can see what other knitters liked or didn’t like about the free patterns they downloaded.


  • Beware of spyware and viruses

A big risk of downloading free knitting patterns from just any website is that you risk picking up computer viruses and spyware. Most free patterns can be downloaded in a standard PDF file format, and this is usually safe. If you find websites that pop up a lot of ads while you’re trying to use them or websites that ask you to download other types of files for free patterns, be extremely cautious. Unless it looks like a pattern that you just cannot live without, you may want to avoid the site altogether.


  • Select based on your abilities

Take a quick look through the instructions and make sure that the free knitting pattern is actually one that matches your personal skill level. If it’s too complicated, it won’t matter that you don’t have to pay anything for the pattern because you may not be capable of creating the project.


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  • Quality of the pattern

On a similar note, make sure the pattern is actually written well. Some free patterns are difficult to understand, or they’re missing critical steps and instructions. Some, unfortunately, are bad enough that they’re completely useless for finishing a project.


  • What exactly do you want to make

This may seem obvious but the best free knitting patterns are of something that you actually want to make. Sometimes it is difficult to find free knitting or crochet patterns for the item you do want to create, and you may find that you’ll need to search through a number of sites to find the free patterns you’re looking for.


  • Supplies

Be sure to choose free knitting or crochet patterns for supplies that you have readily available. It wouldn’t save you much money to use a free pattern when you have to go out and purchase a lot of specialty items in order to finish the project.


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