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Have you ever noticed free crochet patterns are prolific on the Internet? There’s just thousands of them, making it difficult to decide on which one to use next. Want to know the secret of why there are so many? Because it’s dead simple to make up a new one, whenever you want. And that’s why I say that the best free scarf crochet patterns are the ones you come up with yourself.

There’s really no secret. Once you learn the initial few basic stitches of crochet, you’ll discover that there are so many ways to integrate these stitches together differently, that you’ll have an almost endless supply of free patterns to work from.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are hundreds of fancy crochet stitches out there that you may eventually want to try out in your scarf patterns—and that’s kind of the point of this article.


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Once you learn a few stitches, you can make almost any type of scarf pattern you want. Scarfs are fun to crochet in the winter time, because the cold weather begs for them, and you can make many designs in just a few hours. So, let’s look at some easy starting pattern ideas that won’t cost you a dime.

The most basic of scarf patterns are just a bunch of long rows of crochet. Start by crocheting a chain as long as you want your scarf to be. Wrap it around your neck a couple of times as you go to test the length.

Once you get the chain to your desired length, single crochet into the second chain from your hook. Continue single crocheting into each chain all the way down to the end. Once you’ve reached the beginning of your chain, turn your work, chain one, then single crochet back across. Continue doing this for however many rows it takes to create the width you want your scarf to be. Finish it off with some fun tassels on the end and your scarf is ready to wear or gift.

That exact same pattern can be finished more quickly if you use a double or triple crochet stitch. As you go up in stitch size, the scarf will have a looser density to it. So for a tightly crocheted, warmer scarf go with a single crochet stitch. For a faster scarf or a looser, cooler design, go with the double or triple crochet on your rows.

One important note: If you use a double crochet stitch, then you will skip two of the chain stitches when you create your first row, and you will chain two after turning to begin each new row. A triple crochet stitch requires you to skip three chains at the beginning, and chain three after turning and starting each new row.

For an even faster and looser crocheted scarf design, use a skip and cluster technique. After creating your chain, double crochet into the third chain from your hook. Double crochet two more times so that you have a cluster of three. Then chain three, and double crochet into the fourth chain from your last double crochet. Continue the pattern across Double crochet three, then chain three.

A nice variation on the base idea of the single, double, or triple crochet scarf is to make it into a weaved pattern. I use double crochet for this, so first create your chain, then double crochet all the way across to make the first row. Turn your work, chain two, then double crochet into the back loop of the stitch below. Do this three times, then double crochet into the front loop of the next three.

Continue the pattern: Three double crochet into the back loops of each stitch below, then three double crochet into the front loops of each stitch below. Continue this alternating pattern for each row, and you’ll end up with a beautiful scarf that looks like it has been woven like a basket.


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