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Sewing your own baby clothes can be extremely satisfying. It fulfills two needs for young parents: It saves money on baby clothes, and it allows you to create unique looks for your infant. Making your own means that you are not a slave to the styles and fabrics that are displayed in local department stores. There are many online baby pattern sources, but don’t overlook other options.

One excellent place to look for patterns of all kinds is at your local library. Libraries often carry books on sewing, crafts, childcare, diet and more.

Another good place to look for baby patterns is in second hand or Good Will shops. Sometimes they are missing a piece or two, but more often the patterns have not even been opened or cut out. While the patterns are not like to be quite free, you pay far less than you might in a department store.

If this is your second baby, or if you have friends or relatives with older children, request outgrown or worn out baby clothing from them. Sort through the available selections, picking out the ones that you really like. If they are too worn to be refurbished, take the garment apart carefully and use the resultant fabric pieces to create patterns. Invest in a snap kit. This makes it easy to attach metal snaps to baby clothes – much easier than trying to install zippers.


Online Baby Pattern Sources

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Shares links to websites that have craft patterns and suggestions. Lists over 100 patterns for baby. Some of these are accessories, rather than clothing patterns – including a cute pattern for a Ring Sling.


Runs a little more to toys and accessories, but has several cute baby patterns as well.


A variety of easy clothing patterns, as well as many other items. Easy to subscribe to, just leave an email.

Has several simple patterns, easy for new sewers and just right for new babies. If you do not have a baby of your own, you can get in on the sewing action by volunteering. Please be prepared, however. This website includes patterns for bereavement gowns, and clothing suitable for NICU.

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It has almost become a cliché to say “look on Pinterest” for any sort of crafty item. The pinned items are an excellent way, however, to delve deeper into the crafts you love.

More than 600 designs for baby clothes. The difficulty varies since these patterns are sent in by members. There are, however, some excellent tutorials and exceptionally cute baby clothes.

If you knit or crochet, you will enjoy Mary Hoyer’s book of patterns. It is available from Project Gutenberg, a free, online collection of vintage books. The book, titled Juvenile Styles, contains amazingly modern patterns. The language is reminiscent of the late 1950’s, but the children’s clothing – especially babies – would be quite wearable by modern youngsters.


Best free sewing patterns for baby clothes - Pinterest