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There is such a never-ending supply of free sewing patterns to make cute dresses for your toddler, that you could probably never have her wear the same outfit twice. But as we all know, just because there are a ton of them out there doesn’t mean that all of them are good.

So how do you find the best free sewing patterns for toddler dresses? Start with a list of requirements, then work from that list when evaluating free sewing patterns. Anyone who has or has had toddlers knows that there are specific issues that arise all day long. So when you create new dresses for your baby girl, being able to address these issues is a critical part of the sewing pattern design.

For instance, a toddler’s dress must be easy to remove for cleanup. It doesn’t matter how cute a sewing pattern looks in the beginning, if it is difficult to remove when the mess hits the wall, then that’s not likely a sewing pattern you’ll use again. A popular easy to remove dress pattern is one that ties at the shoulders or the back of the neck.


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Toddlers are generally still in diapers, so some of the best free sewing patterns are for dresses that are cute, yet still easy to work around when changing diapers. This is actually why you see so many toddler dresses that have a flowing, yet short, skirt. There are no buttons, zippers, ties or other things that may get in the way when the baby needs to be changed.

Along those same lines, a toddler-friendly sewing pattern uses toddler-friendly elements. Small children chew on everything, so it’s rare to have clothing with decorative elements that could become choking hazards. Buttons are uncommon on a toddler dress for instance, because even if a button is securely sewn in place there is always a risk of the baby pulling it loose and putting it in her mouth.

Quick, Easy, Simple. Children are hard on clothes. They crawl around on the floor, play in the dirt, spill things, and so on. It’s common to need to change the baby’s clothes 3-5 times every day. This is why the best free sewing patterns are quick, easy, and simple—so Mom can whip up plenty of them as needed.


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Reversible sewing patterns are an excellent choice when you can find free ones because they provide a fast way to change the baby when everything else has been exhausted. If Mom and baby are out visiting longer than expected, for instance, there may not be enough changes of dresses for the toddler. Having a reversible dress on hand for her is an easy way to freshen up her clothing when nothing else is available.

Reversible dresses also provide a way to build variation into the toddler’s wardrobe without requiring additional space.

Two of the best sewing patterns to look for in toddler’s dresses include the pillowcase dress and the t-shirt dress.


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