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For most of us crafty people, Christmas is the most fun because of all the diverse ways you can make your own Christmas decorations. Using almost anything you can find outside in your yard, or laying around your house, you can create an amazing array of DIY Christmas Decorations.

Making your own Christmas decorations allows you to be crafty and creative, save money, and make great memories with your family and loved ones. Let’s look at some of the simplest things you can make today.


DIY Christmas Decorations You Can Make

  • Pinecone Trees


DIY Christmas Decorations - pinecone trees

If you live in an area that has lots of pine trees growing around, Christmas is the best season to collect the pinecones and use them for decorations. You can turn them into ornaments for your Christmas tree, put them onto a holiday wreath, or turn them into miniature trees themselves.

To make miniature pine cone trees, simply glue a pine cone to a wine cork. Paint the edges of the pine cone green, and glue a small sequin to the top as a star. Put a collection of these on the fireplace mantel, or spread them around a Christmas village if you have one set out for the holidays.

  • Ball Wraps


DIY Christmas Decorations - christmas balls

Ball wraps are often made with grapevines and they make beautiful home décor all year round. You can create a wonderful Christmas variation, however, using simple yarn or ribbon. All you need is red and green yarn or ribbon, glue, and balloons. Blow up the balloons and tie them off. Begin wrapping the balloons with red and green ribbon, adding glue as you go to hold them in place. Once you have the ribbons or yarn wrapped in an effect that pleases you, let the glue dry completely. Pop the balloon and remove it from the center, then hang your holiday balls inside or out.

  • Fabric Wreaths 


DIY Christmas Decorations - fabric wreaths

This one is particularly fun for anyone who sews or quilts. Select fabric either by color coordination, holiday prints, or just grab random extras that you have on hand. Tear or cut the fabric into 1-2-inch strips, then cut those strips into about 4 inches in length. Tie the strips to a small foam or grapevine wreath – the cheap ones at the dollar store work fine – and push them closer together as you go. Once you have the entire wreath form filled, you can trim the fabric strips to equal lengths or leave them as is for a more rustic look.

  • Seasonal Vases 


DIY Christmas Decorations - seasonal vases

My favorite DIY Christmas decorations are those that are made with simple natural items that you can pick up freely in your backyard. This one is excellent for anyone who has a nice collection of flower vases, but you can also use any other type of decorative container as well. Simply go outside with a small knife or plant pruners, and clip off some evergreen branches. If you have cedar trees, try clipping some pieces off that have juniper berries still attached. Look around for other types of berries that are common during December, such as holly or cranberry. Clip small branches off of any interesting plants and even clip some dry grasses to add to the collection, then arrange all of your fresh cuttings into a Christmas bouquet. Add the bouquet to your favorite vase or container, then sit it on the table or put it on the mantle above the Christmas stockings.

No matter what kind of DIY Christmas gifts you decide to make this year, enjoy the extra quality time and memories you’ll be making with family while making them.


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