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No card is more treasured by fond aunts, grandparents or parents than the handmade card youngsters bring home from school. The best of these are the ones that incorporate something personal from the child. You can incorporate that principle in your holiday cards. The card that has a little bit of you in it is warmer and friendlier than the off-the-shelf card box that you send off by the dozens. Nothing wrong with a well-selected card, especially with a friendly note inside.


Ideas for Children to Make

Handprints and thumbprints make a card special for parents and grandparents. Have a pan of sudsy water available for the child to use for cleanup.

  • Handprints



DIY holiday cards - Handprint card

Ask the child to place his or her hand in a shallow tray of non-toxic paint. The whole hand can then be placed on a card, leaving a print. The fingers spread wide can be used with a cute commemorative verse. The fingers and thumb closed can be used to create a holiday tree. Let it dry, and let the child add sequins or glitter to decorate it.

  • Thumbprints


DIY holiday cards - Thumb print


Use a compass to create a circle on the card. Encourage the child to use his or her thumb to make “leaves” around the circle to create a wreath. Add a signature, and you have a sure-fire grandparent pleaser. Encourage children who are old enough to spell and write a sentence to add a personal message.

  • Shapes of Cards, Creating Cards

White drawing paper, or construction paper, are ideal for making holiday cards. It is heavy enough to be simply folded in half, or it can be folded four times to make a sturdier card. You can make the card even more special by cutting it into a shape. Place a holiday stencil on the card and trace around it, making sure that a little bit of the stencil extends across the fold. If it is a four-fold, extend it a little above the top, as well. Cut around the stenciled line with a pair of scissors to create a shape. Use watercolor paints, crayons, colored pencils or markers to decorate the card.

  • Computer Cards for the Craftily Challenged

For this feat, you will need a digital camera, a computer, a color printer, and an Internet connection. Take a picture of children, the family pet, or have a friend take a family photo with everyone in it. (You can also do this using a timer and a tripod if you are technologically inclined). Use a Publisher program, such as Microsoft Publisher or Open Office Drawing to place the picture and the words on a page. Remember, if you use a quarter fold page, the front and the inside message will be in diagonal corners from each other and upside down to each other.

  • Computer Cards for the Last-Minute, No-Time, Solution


DIY holiday cards - Digital holiday cards


Finally, there are online sources for holiday card templates. These, a computer, a printer and a decent supply of ink can help you out of a tight spot. Open Office is free for use by anyone and has a holiday card template. Microsoft office has templates that are free to MS Office users, which include a cute photo card.


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