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DIY Activities to Entertain Kids

  Keeping your kids entertained while spending little to no money can be unbelievably simple. You do not even need to be exceptionally crafty or make a huge mess to get the rainy day, outdoor, or indoor winter fun rolling! These DIY activities for kids can also be...

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Home Made Playdough

  Playdough is inexpensive, especially when you make your own. It can be shaped and dried into “keeper” items, or it can be kept for several days and reused.       Super Simple Salt Dough 2 cups flour, one cup salt, water to moisten. Mix the dry ingredients together....

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DIY Activities for Families

    By now we are all familiar with the variations on “The family who _____________’s together (fill in with your favorite activity) stays together.” But family activities are more than that. They are an opportunity to teach appropriate socialization, to develop...

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DIY Family Christmas Activities

  Christmas should be filled with joyful gatherings with loved ones, lots of delicious baking, and memory-making activities. Slow down the frantic holiday shopping pace and try these fabulous DIY family holiday activities and launch some cherished new Christmas...

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DIY Christmas Decorations

  For most of us crafty people, Christmas is the most fun because of all the diverse ways you can make your own Christmas decorations. Using almost anything you can find outside in your yard, or laying around your house, you can create an amazing array of DIY...

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DIY Activities To Entertain Toddlers

  Keeping toddlers entertained, learning, and wearing off a bit of excess energy does require the use of technology-fueled games or spending a lot of money. Toddlers are naturally inquisitive and love to investigate new sights, smells, sounds, textures, and figure out...

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DIY Activities To Entertain Babies

    Keeping baby entertained will be a breeze with these three DIY activities. Encourage your baby to touch and manipulate each learning “toy” while he or she expands on the ability to play independently. These DIY activities to entertain babies are designed for...

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Best DIY Gifts for Men

  Men can sometimes be a challenge when selecting gifts. Many of the traditional gifts can be expensive or perhaps not really to the taste of the man in question. Here are a few that might please a man on your gift list.   Best Gifts For Men     Bifold Wallet This is...

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Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

  Making Christmas ornaments with family, children, and to exchange with friends is a wonderful holiday tradition. Many beautiful and keepsake ornaments can be made easily at home, with a minimal amount of crafting skill required, for a fraction of the cost of...

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DIY Holiday Cards

    No card is more treasured by fond aunts, grandparents or parents than the handmade card youngsters bring home from school. The best of these are the ones that incorporate something personal from the child. You can incorporate that principle in your holiday cards....

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Best DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

    Here are a few DIY Holiday gifts that are likely to please.     Potholders These can be as simple as several layers of cloth folded and stitched together or as elaborate as coiled cinnamon ropes. Unless the recipient is a wealthy single, cooking is like to occur,...

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Best DIY Christmas Wreaths

  The wonderful thing about a wreath is that it can be made from almost anything. All you need is a way to fashion a circlet or a form on which to place decorations. The decorations can be as varied as your imagination.   Here are five ways to make the best DIY...

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Best DIY Gifts for Husband

      Every woman knows that trying to buy a great gift for her husband usually seems like the hardest thing in the world. Whether you're newly married or you've known your husband most of your life, gift giving will remain one elusive and frustrating. Thankfully,...

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Best DIY Christmas Gifts

      Nearly everyone has that “What can I give that doesn’t cost much but still says I care” moment.  Christmas comes at the time of year which often means a budget crunch – property taxes, fuel bills, school supplies if there are children in the family. Here are a...

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Best DIY Christmas Gifts For Teachers

    When Christmas time comes around, we all feel the urge to get crafty and create something special for the people who are most important in our lives. When you have children, their school teachers become one of the most important people to you and to your children,...

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