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Different Yarn Weights

  Yarn or thread for knitting, crocheting or other crafts comes in a variety of weights. This has reference to the way the yarn is constructed, rather than to the physical weight of the skein. A skein is a looped bundle of yarn which needs to be wound into a ball...

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Must Have Knitting Essentials For Beginners

    Every knitter starts as a beginner. Some of us fall in love with the wonderful colors and textures of yarn available in the craft stores while others are envious of the beautiful creations their friends or family make. If you're just getting started with knitting,...

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Knitting vs. Crocheting: Which is Best

     A Quick Comparison Knitting and crocheting are both non-loom weaving. Crocheting uses one hook, knitting uses between two and seven different needles for various projects. Both are enhanced by a measuring gauge and stitch markers. End caps for knitting needles is...

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How To Select The Right Yarn

  When you're ready to knit or crochet anything, the most important decision you can make for your project is selecting the right yarn. The yarn you use isn't overly important if you plan to create a blanket or a basic scarf, but it becomes extremely important when...

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Everything You Need to Know About Yarn

  Yarn is made from twisted fibers. It is an important part of fiber arts such as crochet, knitting, crewel embroidering and various weaving processes. It would be difficult to practice many handcrafts without good yarn. Modern yarn skeins can be made from many...

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Best Free Knitting Patterns

    When you get the urge to create something new, it's normal to go looking to others for inspiration and ideas. And since most of us crafty types tend to be frugal too – after all we must have more yarn right – the best patterns are often free patterns. But choosing...

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