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Every knitter starts as a beginner. Some of us fall in love with the wonderful colors and textures of yarn available in the craft stores while others are envious of the beautiful creations their friends or family make. If you’re just getting started with knitting, there are some essential tools you’ll want to pick up. Some of these knitting essentials are obvious, and others may be a matter of preference. Regardless of which tools you start with, try to not go crazy in the beginning, because you can quickly become overwhelmed.


Knitting Essentials For Beginners



Must have knitting essentials for beginners - knitting needles

  • Knitting Needles

This probably seems obvious to most, but selecting decent needles from the beginning is essential for ensuring you enjoy the process as you’re learning. Super cheap needles may bend, or feel bad in the hands, and this will reduce your enjoyment of learning to knit. You don’t have to go all out for the top of the line knitting needles either, just don’t settle for the cheapest you find.



Must have knitting essentials for beginners - yarn

  • Yarn

The yarn is possibly the topmost reason beginners start learning how to knit. There are just so many gorgeous colors and textures to choose from. For some knitters, collecting the yarn is almost as much of a hobby as knitting is.  

While the yarn is a must have knitting essential for beginners, it is also one of the most important decisions you can make. Many beginners feel they should opt for the cheapest yarn they can find in the beginning because they won’t be out much money if they mess things up. The cheapest yarn, however, tends to be difficult to work with and extremely disappointing. Some cheap yarns fray or split easily, and most of it is quite scratchy and unpleasant to work with. When the yarn is difficult or unpleasant, it can cause beginner knitters to lose momentum and motivation. Many would-be knitting divas have given up more than once because they didn’t like the way their first projects were evolving.

Must have knitting essentials for beginners - Stitch markers


  • Stitch Markers


Not everyone considers this to be an essential tool for beginning knitters, but you might be surprised at how useful it is. When you’re learning to knit, you must count your stitches. When you stop in the middle of a row, you’ll thank yourself later if you come back to a stitch marker so that you don’t have to re-count and figure out where to begin again.


Must have knitting essentials for beginners - bag


  • Basket or Bag

I personally have a deep love of wicker baskets, so I tend to keep my projects in those. Other knitters prefer a canvas bag or tote so that they can carry their projects along with them in the car or to get-togethers. Keeping all of your current project supplies together in one bag or basket makes it easier to pick up where you left off, and not have to search through your entire craft room looking for the right items


Must have knitting essentials for beginners - pattern


  • Instructions or Patterns

As a beginning knitter, you’ll need a resource that helps you learn the basic knitting stitches. Most of these are available online for free, and you can print small reference sheets to keep on hand as you learn. You’ll also want to refer to specific knitting patterns in the beginning so that you can make a finished item while you learn.

Remember that while each of these tools is considered a requirement to get started, in truth the single most important must have knitting essential for beginners is the desire to learn and enjoy the craft.


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